Opening Day Eve!!!

I was just sitting here watching the Texas Rangers play the Houston Astros. I’m going to miss the Astros because that could give the Redlegs more wins this season. Then I said forgot to give my predictions like I do every year. So here goes!!

The AL East I have: Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, NY Junkees and BoSox.

The AL Central I have:

Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

The AL West I have:

LA Angels, Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros

The NL East I have the

Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, Phillies, NY Mets, Miami Marlins

The NL West I have:

SF Giants, LA Dodgers, SD Padres, Colorado Rockies

The NL central:

Reds of course, Pittsburgh Pirates, St.Louis Red Turds, Milwaukee Brewers and of course the cursed Cubs.

The AL playoffs will be Tampa Bay, Detroit, LA Angels-Wildcard teams will be Toronto and Oakland. The Angels will win the pennant and on to the series

The NL Playoff will be Washington, Reds, SF Giants-Wildcard will be LA Dodgers and Braves. The Nationals will win the pennant and play the Angels and the Angels will win the series.

By the way my prediction of Nationals and Angels in the series are the two teams the Reds start the season off. I can see the Reds maybe going 3 and 3 or 0 wins and 6 losses to start the year. Talk about a brutal first week of the season. Oh well I’m ready for baseball. Go Redlegs!!!





Reds signed Mark Prior

Reds signed Mark Prior to a minor league contract. Prior once played for Dusty Baker as a Cubs. Dusty was criticized for a high pitch count on Prior. Mark’s record in the big leagues is pretty good 42 wins and 29 losses with a 3.71 ERA with the Cubbies. He’s a good backup plan just in case one of the starters goes down or they struggle to get the ball over the plate. I really like what Walt Jocketty has done this off season. We are OFFICIALLY one month away from opening day.

Joey Votto is the Face of MLB

Joey Votto beat out Matt Kemp 67% to 33% in a total of 693,198 votes. On his way to the final he also beat out Andrew McCutchen and Derek Jeter, The fans of Canada and us Reds fans voted for Votto. I guess this is something to be proud of. Even though we don’t have a clue on what it means? I don’t care if he’s the face of MLB. I just want him to hit .310 with 25 bombs and 110 RBI’s we will all be happy. Not to mention stay healthy and play the whole season like in 2010 when he was the MVP of the NL=Real face of the league. 

3rd time is not a charm for the Reds!!!

0 wins and 3 losses in spring training practice games. No reason to worry just yet. No reason to worry when this team starts the season at 0 and 6 because there will be 156 games left. It’s a marathon not a sprint. No Cleveland Indians fans your team is not going to the World Series just because you beat the Reds in 3 meaningless games in February. Talk to us on May 27th when your Indians come to GABP 10 games out of 1st behind the Tigers. This weekend’s practice games were more like Bengals vs Browns scores. Friday’s game was Bengals 10 and Browns 11. Phil Dawson kicked a game winner. Then Saturday Phil Dawson kicked another game winner to win 13 to 10. Then today Phil Dawson kicked another game winner to win 3 to 0. I hope you had Dawson on your fantasy team this weekend. See this is how meaningless these games are because I’m talking football Who Dey!!!… So take spring training games with a grain of salt. These games are for players to prepare their selves to play in the World baseball classic=Phillips,Votto, Simon and other Reds players to prepare for the Marathon season. But one thing is for sure, it’s great to hear Marty and the Cowboy talk about baseball again. Gives you that warm feeling that only baseball can bring us.

Pete Rose is not acknowledged alongside baseball’s record holders by Topps baseball cards

Pete Rose is not acknowledged alongside baseball’s record holders by Topps baseball cards in the company’s 2013 set released weeks ago.’s Rob Harris reported the omission, including an explanation from a Topps spokesman for the omission of Rose.

From Harris’ story:

Clay Luraschi, a spokesman for Topps, called the omission of Rose “a simple decision” but declined to elaborate. When pressed, he repeated that it was “plain and simple” that Rose’s name should not appear on cards.

I purchased a few packs of the new 2013 Topps set two weeks ago and excitedly unwrapped them. As I did, I noticed something different. On the back of each card, wedged between each player’s personal information and his “Complete Major and Minor League Batting Record,” there’s a little line labeled “Career Chase.” On every card, whether the player is a living legend or a rookie, there is a sentence indicating how close that player is to reaching one of the game’s big records.

For Paul Konerko, the Career Chase line indicates that his 422 career home runs are 340 shy of Barry Bonds’ career record of 762. Konerko — who is knocking on the door of 37 years of age — has an outside chance at 500 career home runs, but he certainly won’t approach Barry Bonds’ record. The Career Chase line isn’t meant to suggest he’s closing in, but it helps put his accomplishments in perspective.

Another example, courtesy of Topps: John Danks has 57 career wins, which puts him 454 behind career leader Cy Young.

OK, I get it.

But then I flip the card Starlin Castro, whose solid start as the shortstop for the Cubs has him sitting at 529 hits, which is—as Career Chase points out—a mere 3,727 away from the all-time record of 4,256 held by…. Wait a second. Topps doesn’t say who holds the record. Every other record has a name attached, but not where the hits record is concerned.

I thought maybe it was an accident. I checked another a card. On A.J. Pierzynski’s card, I learn that he’s 2,611 hits away from the all time leader. Again, there’s no name listed.

Sure enough, Rose’s record number of hits – 4,256 – is included, but there’s no mention of Rose’s name.

Harris goes on to argue that the omission of Rose is absurd. Part of his argument:

The decision to ignore Rose is particularly questionable given the ongoing furor over performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds and other suspected steroid cheats have so far been denied entry to the Hall of Fame. Yet Topps has chosen to take the bloom only off of Rose. Why? Do they deem his crimes more serious? Is their standard that permanently ineligible players should be denied recognition? They’re not saying.

What do you think? Do you think it’s unfair for Bonds, for instance, to be recognized on the backs of baseball cards but not Rose?

Pitchers and Catchers Report today.

So today is the day that the Reds pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training. Reds also signed Mat Latos to a 2yr contract 11.5 Million. Mike Leake will also be there today ready to make his 3.5 million. Maybe he won’t steal shirts now. Only pitcher left to sign is Homer Bailey. Reds did get Choo some money too=7.35 Million. Reds also signed Clay Hensley yesterday to maybe give some bullpen relief or a good guy to have in the minors.

In other news NO word from Scott Rolen and personally I say the team should move on and stick with Todd Fraizer who’s birthday is today. Happy Birthday to Todd!! The team up north=Indians signed Michael Bourn. Good pick up but doesn’t he play CF? Well today also marks the day for the Chicago Cubs fans coming out saying this is their year-Keep DREAMING. 

Have a good first day of Spring Training and Go Redlegs