Opening Day Eve!!!

I was just sitting here watching the Texas Rangers play the Houston Astros. I’m going to miss the Astros because that could give the Redlegs more wins this season. Then I said forgot to give my predictions like I do every year. So here goes!!

The AL East I have: Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, NY Junkees and BoSox.

The AL Central I have:

Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland, Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

The AL West I have:

LA Angels, Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros

The NL East I have the

Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, Phillies, NY Mets, Miami Marlins

The NL West I have:

SF Giants, LA Dodgers, SD Padres, Colorado Rockies

The NL central:

Reds of course, Pittsburgh Pirates, St.Louis Red Turds, Milwaukee Brewers and of course the cursed Cubs.

The AL playoffs will be Tampa Bay, Detroit, LA Angels-Wildcard teams will be Toronto and Oakland. The Angels will win the pennant and on to the series

The NL Playoff will be Washington, Reds, SF Giants-Wildcard will be LA Dodgers and Braves. The Nationals will win the pennant and play the Angels and the Angels will win the series.

By the way my prediction of Nationals and Angels in the series are the two teams the Reds start the season off. I can see the Reds maybe going 3 and 3 or 0 wins and 6 losses to start the year. Talk about a brutal first week of the season. Oh well I’m ready for baseball. Go Redlegs!!!





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